Frankie vs. SmartRecruiters - Which Tool to Use To Optimize Your Hiring Process?

Frankie vs. SmartRecruiters - Which Tool to Use To Optimize Your Hiring Process?

Frankie vs. SmartRecruiters - Which Tool to Use To Optimize Your Hiring Process?

May 16, 2023

In the quest to optimize your hiring process, choosing the right recruitment software is crucial. In this comparison, we'll explore the recruitment features of Frankie and SmartRecruiters to help you make an informed decision on the best solution for your hiring needs.

SmartRecruiters: Hiring Without Boundaries

SmartRecruiters is a recruitment software that empowers hiring managers through intuitive collaboration tools and a comprehensive applicant tracking system. Its features are designed to enhance your hiring process and drive better hiring decisions.

Powered by algorithms

SmartRecruiters' AI-based candidate matching leverages advanced algorithms to identify the most suitable candidates for your job requirements. This feature streamlines the initial screening process, ensuring you focus on the most promising applicants.

Screening and testing made easy

Automated screening assessments provided by SmartRecruiters further expedite the evaluation process. These assessments enable you to gather valuable insights into candidates' skills and competencies, allowing for a more informed selection process.

With fully-integrated testing capabilities, SmartRecruiters allows you to administer assessments directly within the platform. This eliminates the need for external tools and simplifies the evaluation process, saving you time and ensuring a seamless experience.

Automated features

SmartRecruiters also offers workflow automation, enabling you to streamline your hiring process and eliminate manual tasks. SmartRecruiters' automated scheduling feature eliminates the hassle of manual appointment coordination. By integrating with your calendar, it ensures efficient and convenient interview scheduling, saving time for both candidates and hiring managers.

Collaboration tools

Hiring team collaboration is a strength of SmartRecruiters. Its platform offers collaboration tools that enable seamless communication, feedback sharing, and scorecard-driven interviews. 

End-to-end applicant tracking

Applicant tracking is a core feature of SmartRecruiters, providing a centralized system to manage and monitor candidates' progress throughout the hiring pipeline. This comprehensive overview enhances visibility and simplifies candidate management.

Mobile app

With a mobile app, SmartRecruiters ensures that you can access and manage your hiring process on the go. This flexibility allows you to stay connected and make progress even when you're away from your desk.

Pricing depending on the needs

Pricing of Smartrecruiters depends on your customized bundle and how many users the tool will have. Hence, it can quickly stack up if you need all features and have a big team.

Frankie - Seamless Automation of Your Recruitment Process 

Frankie offers a suite of features that streamline candidate management and communication, creating an efficient hiring process for organizations of all sizes.

Organization, visibility and flexibility

With Frankie's kanban board, you gain organization and visibility over all candidates in one space. This centralized view enables you to track candidates' progress seamlessly, ensuring you never miss a step in the hiring journey. Frankie offers the flexibility to edit stages and customize the hiring process according to your preferences. This adaptability allows you to tailor the workflow to your organization's unique requirements, ensuring a personalized and efficient approach.

Team assignment and collaboration made easy

Team assignment becomes a breeze with Frankie's simple and intuitive functionality. You can easily assign tasks to other HR members, fostering collaboration and efficient teamwork throughout the hiring process.

To maintain a comprehensive record, Frankie allows you to add notes and comments, providing historic information that is easily accessible. This feature ensures that important details are not lost and supports informed decision-making.

Tasks can be assigned to other team members within Frankie, allowing for a smooth handover of responsibilities. This eliminates any gaps or delays in the hiring process, ensuring a seamless progression towards successful candidate selection.

Automation of (almost!) everything

But Frankie's automation features are where the tool really shines! It simplifies interview scheduling by automatically booking interviews based on availability. This feature saves time and minimizes the back-and-forth communication typically involved in coordinating interview times.

Automated email functionality in Frankie ensures consistent and timely communication with candidates at each stage of the hiring process. This streamlines communication workflows and helps you stay connected with applicants.

With Frankie Connect, you can keep candidates informed about their progress without manually sending individual emails. This feature provides real-time updates to candidates, enhancing their experience and engagement throughout the process.

When candidates apply directly through your website, Frankie automatically adds them to the system without manual intervention. This seamless integration saves time and ensures that no candidate is overlooked during the application process.

Save time with these shortcuts and plugins

Frankie provides keyboard shortcuts, enabling quick and efficient navigation within the platform. This feature enhances user productivity, allowing you to accomplish tasks more swiftly.

Additionally, Frankie offers a LinkedIn plugin that allows you to effortlessly import user data with just a click. This integration streamlines the candidate sourcing process, saving you time and effort in manually entering information.

Fixed price for any size

With Frankie, you can have any number of users on the platform for a monthly cost of $250. This cost-effective pricing structure ensures that organizations of all sizes can benefit from Frankie's powerful features.

Summary and Recommendations

Both Frankie and SmartRecruiters offer powerful features to enhance your recruitment process. SmartRecruiters excel in things like AI-based candidate matching, automated assessments, and scorecard-driven interviews, making it ideal for companies looking to leverage advanced screening capabilities and optimize selection processes. While Frankie shines in candidate management, communication and automation. With its intuitive kanban board, seamless team assignment, and automated scheduling and email capabilities, Frankie streamlines the hiring process and promotes efficient collaboration. Frankie is a great choice for organizations seeking a user-friendly platform that prioritizes personalized communication and a seamless hiring experience. 

Pricing wise, it seems as Smartrecruiters base their pricing on how you adapt the tool to your needs and how many users you have. Frankie on the other hand, has a fixed price for teams of any size. 

In short, consider Frankie when you prioritize efficient candidate management and seamless communication powered by automated features, while SmartRecruiters is recommended for organizations focused on leveraging AI technology and streamlining the selection process.

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The best HRM software for managing your company's talents, performance and culture.

© 2023 Flexiana s.r.o. All rights reserved.

The best HRM software for managing your company's talents, performance and culture.

© 2023 Flexiana s.r.o. All rights reserved.

The best HRM software for managing your company's talents, performance and culture.

© 2023 Flexiana s.r.o. All rights reserved.