9 Best Video Interview Platforms of All Time: Shaping the Future of Hiring

Jun 23, 2023

The world of work is changing rapidly, with traditional recruitment methods giving way to more technologically advanced approaches. The rise of remote work has accelerated the adoption of digital tools, and now more than ever, companies are turning to video interviewing platforms to streamline their hiring processes. Not only are these tools efficient and cost-effective, they also allow recruiters to engage with talent from all over the world. Here, we're going to delve into some of the best video interview platforms of all time, each with its own unique set of features and advantages.

  1. Zoom:

Almost everyone is familiar with Zoom, especially after its massive growth during the pandemic. While it's not solely a job interviewing platform, its features certainly make it suitable for this purpose. Zoom offers high-quality video and audio, screen sharing, recording options, and breakout rooms, which can be particularly handy for panel interviews. Its robust and reliable performance makes it a popular choice for businesses.

  1. Microsoft Teams:

Integrated into the Office 365 suite, Microsoft Teams is another robust communication platform that doubles as a video interviewing tool. It's convenient for companies already using Microsoft services and offers a seamless experience, as well as being compatible across multiple devices. Features such as document sharing, scheduling, and recording make it suitable for conducting interviews.

  1. Skype:

Skype is one of the pioneers in video communication, with years of experience under its belt. While it doesn't offer recruiting solutions, it's a reliable platform for conducting video interviews. Its features include HD video calling, screen sharing, call recording, and live subtitles. Skype is a tried-and-tested option, especially for small businesses that might not need an end-to-end recruiting solution.

  1. BlueJeans:

BlueJeans by Verizon offers excellent video conferencing services, making it a viable option for remote interviews. It provides a straightforward and intuitive user experience, high-definition video, and audio capabilities, alongside recording and screen sharing options.

  1. Google Meet:

Integrated within Google Workspace, Google Meet is a popular tool for video conferencing and, by extension, video interviews. It offers robust video and audio quality, live captions, and compatibility across devices. Although it doesn't include recruiting solutions, it's useful for companies that already utilize Google services.

  1. Cisco Webex:

Cisco Webex is a trusted name in business communication, offering video conferencing solutions that can also be leveraged for interviews. It features HD video, screen sharing, recording options, and a secure, encrypted connection.

  1. GoToMeeting:

GoToMeeting is a professional online meeting solution, often used for video interviews. Its key features include HD video, screen sharing, a one-click meeting solution, and the ability to support large meetings. Its user-friendly interface ensures smooth interview processes.

  1. Zoho Meeting:

Zoho Meeting provides online meeting and webinar solutions suitable for conducting video interviews. It provides features like screen sharing, recording, and seamless scheduling, and integrates well with other Zoho applications.

  1. Whereby:

A browser-based video meeting tool, Whereby requires no downloads or installations, making it an easy option for candidates. Its simplicity, combined with robust video/audio quality and screen-sharing capabilities, makes it a solid choice for conducting video interviews.

All the above-mentioned platforms have stood the test of time, offering unique features and tools to streamline the recruitment process. The best choice depends on a company's specific needs, budget, and the scale of its recruitment operations. From large corporations to small businesses, there's a solution for everyone in this new era of digital hiring. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect these platforms to continually innovate, reshaping the future of recruitment.

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The best HRM software for managing your company's talents, performance and culture.

© 2023 Flexiana s.r.o. All rights reserved.

The best HRM software for managing your company's talents, performance and culture.

© 2023 Flexiana s.r.o. All rights reserved.